Bluetooth Streaming Box 1201 (BT) Skoda/Seat - Melody

  • Retrofit a Bluetooth streaming function and listen to your favorite music in the car.
  • Listening pleasure in CD quality.
  • Control via car radio or multi-function steering wheel.
  • Suitable for factory radios from Audi, Seat, Skoda and Volkswagen.
  • No additional activation or programming.
  • The box is installed invisibly behind the radio.
  • Suitable for all smartphones with Bluetooth 4.0
Which car radio do you have installed? 
Do you need tools to release the radio? (for locked radios (a) = VAG 2x2, for screwed radios (t) = TORX set) 
The removal tool set MG4 can be very useful for removing / levering out the radio. 
If your radio name is marked with (p) in the selection list, it is possible that the slot is blocked by a wide black plug. If this is the case you need our cable splitter 20P. 
38,00 €
incl. 19% VAT (Brief)
  • Available immediately
  • Delivery time: 12 - 14 Workdays (Other countries)
Important tools