Für alle Streaming Boxen in Skoda Fabia (2004) mit Radio Symphony - iPod / iPhone Schnittstelle Anschluss nachrüsten

This installation example describes how you can install on a CD changer slot (here: iPod / iPhone interface) in a Skoda Fabia. You can also use these instructions for installing all Streaming Boxes (e.g. for USB or Bluetooth interfaces). Installation in the VW Golf 4 and VW Passat 3B / 3BG works in a similar way.

Described here as an example for the Symphony Radio.

      Skoda Fabia - Symphony radio - remove the radio

First the radio is pulled out.

To do this, the two unlocking hooks must be pushed into the two slots below the station button 1 and station button 6 and clicked into place. Then you can pull out the radio.

      Skoda Fabia - Symphony radio - remove the shelf under the radio

We decide in this case to install the dock cable in the shelf under the radio. It's very easy.

All you have to do is pull out the shelf under the radio and drill a passage for the cable in the rear area.

      Skoda Fabia - Symphony radio - connect the interface 

The interface will be now connected to the radio.

Arrow 1: The main connection cable of the interface is connected to the radio. The blue plug is plugged into the marked slot (only fits there):

Arrow 2: The ring eye of the earth cable is screwed to the housing screw of the radio.

      Skoda Fabia - Symphony radio - install the interface

Now the cables and the interface are "hidden" in the radio slot and the dock cable for the iPod or iPhone is fed through the previously drilled opening into the storage compartment under the radio.

      Skoda Fabia - Symphony radio - install the radio

Now the radio can be pushed back in and the iPhone or iPod can be connected.

With the CD button on the radio, the interface can be activated and the iPod or iPhone can be accessed.

ATTENTION: Before installing the radio, please test all functions of the interface / streaming box. If everything works, you can go to complete the assembly.

These installation example instructions are only intended as a model for the installation mentioned. In principle, no liability is accepted.

Errors or problems of any kind cannot be ruled out. We are happy to be at your disposal during the installation. faq@usb-nachruesten.de