Audi MMI Navigation Plus / 4G / MIB 1 / MIB 2

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Do you have an Audi Multimedia System MMI 4G / MIB 1 / MIB 2? With us you can retrofit Digital radio DAB+.

Our products are compatible with the following variants:

  • MIB 1
  • MIB 2

You can connect additional interfaces to these systems using CAN-Bus and upgrade your existing system with additional functions.

These include

  • Musik vom USB-Stick Digital Radio DAB+

How can you identify with certainty which system you have installed? You can identify it by the software version number. To do this, simultaneously press the NAV/MAP/TEL button forwards and the RADIO/MEDIA button backwards. After a few seconds, the service menu appears. The last item on the list is Version Information. If you select this item, the software version will be displayed.


Here is an overview by year of manufacture. Please click on the image to enlarge it.

MMI overview small

This MMI 4G / MIB 1 / MIB 2 system was installed in the following vehicles, among others:

Audi Model Construction year AusnahmeException
Audi A1 2018 - 2019  
Audi A3 2015 - 2021  
Audi A4 2017 - 2021  
Audi A4 Allroad 2017 - 2021  
Audi A5 2018 - 2021  
Audi A6 2016 - 2019 not A6 (4G)
Audi A7 2016 - 2019 not A7 (4G)
Audi Q5 2018 - 2021  
Audi Q7 2017 - 2020  
Audi R8 2017 - 2019  

You can find the compatible products here:

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