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Do you have an Audi Multimedia System MMI 2G? With us you can retrofit Bluetooth adapters and Digital radio DAB+

Our products are compatible with the following variants

  • MMI 2G LOW / BASIC /PLUS (monochrom red display)
  • MMI 2G HIGH / PLUS /(coloured display)

You can connect many additional interfaces to these systems using fiber optic technology (MOST) and upgrade your existing system with additional functions.

These include

  • Bluetooth Musik Stream Music by Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth Musik Streaming from streaming provider possible (Deezer, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal, and many more)
  • Musik vom USB-Stick Digital Radio DAB+
  • AUX AUX connection (Cinch)

How can you identify with certainty which system you have installed? You can identify it by the software version number. This can be found under SETUP, then SETTINGS at the top right. Now select VERSION, at the bottom of the list. The syntax of the version number is as shown below.

MMI 2G Basic: It is the only system that has a monochrome red display.

MMI 3G Plus:   HN+_XX-XXXXX or HN+R

Here is an overview by year of manufacture. Please click on the image to enlarge it.

MMI overview small

Our retrofits emulate a CD changer. Your MMI system "thinks" that another CD changer is connected.

The MMI 2G Basic can only manage one CD changer. If you want to retrofit Bluetooth, you have to deactivate the CD changer. This is very easy and is explained in the instructions. The instructions are available for download at the product side in this shop. And then simply copy your CDs to your smartphone or to the cloud and listen to them wirelessly via Bluetooth. The MMI 2G High can manage two CD changer.


MMI 2G System BASIC - This system with a monochrome red display was installed in two versions:
MMI 2G BASIC with power plug: MMI main unit and CD player are separate. In this case the standard power cable of the Interface 4201 can be used. The back of the CD player has a MOST connector 1 and a power connector 2 as shown in the picture below. 

MMI 2G Basic Stromanschluss

MMI 2G BASIC PLUS with Quadlock: The MMI control unit is integrated in the CD player. The rear of the CD player has a MOST connector 1 and a Quadlock connector (outlined in red) as shown in the picture below. The location of the Quadlock connector may vary. In the case of the Quadlock connection, the Interface 4201 is equipped with the power cable, as is also provided in the MMI 3G System.
MMI 3G Basic Quadlock


The MMI 2G system was installed in the following vehicles:

  • Audi A4   2009-2010
  • Audi A5   2008-2009
  • Audi A6   2005-2009
  • Audi A8   2004-2011
  • Audi Q7   2007-2009
  • Audi RS6 2008-2011

You can find the compatible products here:

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