VW Radio RNS 310 from 2011

Car radio VW RNS 310 from 2011

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Do you have a VW Volkswagen radio RNS 310 ab 2011? With us you can retrofit Bluetooth adapters and Digital radio DAB+.

For this radio you can get retrofits with the following functions from us:

  • Bluetooth Musik Stream Music by Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth Musik Streaming from streaming provider possible (Deezer, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal, and many more)
  • Musik vom USB-Stick Digital Radio DAB+
  • AUX AUX connection (Cinch)

This factory-installed radio is model VW Volkswagen radio RNS 310 from 2011 is fastened with screws. TORX T20 screws are usually used as screws. The screws are located under panels which can be removed quickly and without damage using the tools offered in our shop. It is with a Media-In interface (MDI technology).

A Quadlock slot is used. The slot for the Interface is the whole Quadlock slot.

Auto Radio VW RNS 310 from 2011 backside

Everything is described in detail in the installtion guide, so that assembly is not complicated.

Special features of this radio model: Outwardly the RNS 315 looks very similar. How can you tell the difference between the RNS 310 and the RNS 315? Press the "SETUP" button until the service mode is displayed. If the part number 3C0 035 279 appears there, it is an RNS 315. The part number 3C0 035 270 stands for an RNS 310 without a telephone display and the part number 3C0 035 270 with the letter B attached for a device with a telephone Display.

new models have the Media-In/MDI interface technology and require more complex retrofit solutions. See also VW Radio RCD 310 with Media-In.

This radio was installed from 2011 in the following vehicles, among others:

  • VW Amarok 2011-2016
  • VW Beetle 2012-2015
  • VW Caddy 2010-2015
  • VW Caravelle 2010-2015
  • VW EOS ab 2009
  • VW Golf 6 2009-2012
  • VW Jetta ab 2009
  • VW Multivan 2014-2015
  • VW Passat 2009-2014
  • VW Polo 2010-2014
  • VW Scirocco 2009-2015
  • VW Sharan 2011-2015
  • VW Tiguan 2007-2015
  • VW Transporter 2010-2015
  • VW Touran 2007-2015
  • and many more

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